Harlee Williams has already seen an improvement of the horse she started running this season!  She has worked with Jason and Jen for two sessions now and is already pulling checks at local jackpot events.  Follow her success story here!

Harlee Williams / Vegas / Palmyra, Mo.

Finding an instructor that you work well with is imperative to continued success.  From start to finish we can help you get with your horse and correct the issues that come up throughout your year.

Everyone needs some help from time to time, we are here for you and your partner!

Meet Jason Marks

Studying horses and they way the move has been a life long passion for Jason.  He and Jen video, analyze and develop a customized set of drills and practice techniques to improve your runs.

Meet Jennifer Orf Medbery

Using her knowledge of barrel racing and horsemanship skills, she and Jason work to watch, learn and develop changes that will assist you in reaching your goals.